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8 September 2017
Plastic bags must be disposed of in a separate bin Read More...
5 September 2017
In celebration of its 50th Anniversary, the TNRD is launching a photo competition. Read More...
29 June 2017
Photo Contest for Ashcroft Residents

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Official Community Plan

Official Community Plan

Official Community Plan

What is an Official Community Plan?

An Official Community Plan (OCP) provides the longer term vision for a communtiy.  Within the Local Government Act section 875, an OCP is a statement of objectives and policies to guide decisions on planning and land use management.  As well, an OCP can contain policy statements on social well-being, growth strategies, agricultural use of land, protection and enhancement of the environment, and broad statememts on issues and objectives not within the local juridiction.

Do we have an OCP?

The most recent and current OCP was adopted by Council as Bylaw No. 737 in 2005.  An OCP may be ammended from time to time as required by Council.  There are two ammendments to the current OCP listed below.

Please follow this link to review the current OCP
Amendment as bylaw No. 767
Amendment as Bylaw No. 801

Developing a new OCP

The Village is in the process of developing a new OCP with the assistance of Urban Systems.  It is anticipated that the OCP will be ready in 2018.  In 2016, Council began the process of developing the new OCP and a survey was issued to the public to gather information that will be used in the new OCP.

2016 Community Survey
2016 Community Survey Result
Background Information on developing a new OCP

The process is continuing and a new survey has been sent to Village residents to be used to provide even more information that will be used to develop the new OCP.  All residents in a household are encouraged to complete a survey; it is important we hear from everyone.

Online 2017 Survey

A contest has been created to encourage as many as people to complete a survey.
You can read all about the contest by following this link.

A Public Meeting will be held, before the new OCP is adopted, to provide community members the oppotunity to review and comment on the contents of the new draft OCP.  Those comments will be used to ensure the OCP reflects the desired future direction of the Village residents and to make any necessary adjustments and changes before adoption takes place.  Residents can expect public notification in advance of the opportunity to review and comment on the draft OCP.