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6 November 2018
Water Quality Advisory Issued Nov. 6, 2018
20 October 2018
The polls have closed for the 2018 General Local Elections and the results for Mayor and Councillor can be accessed Read More...
8 June 2018
Water Quality Now Rated as Fair.  The Village of Ashcroft, in conjunction with Interior Health, have changed the water qualifty Read More...

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Board of Variance and Development Variance Permits

Board of Variance and Development Variance Permits

Zoning by-laws impose uniform regulations on all properties within a defined zone.  Features such as topography and lot shape may be unique an as a result variances may be required on a property-specific basis whereby the applicant seeks relief from the zoning requirements.    A property owner wishing to vary a regulation for siting, height, lot coverage, etc. will need to obtain a variance.

There are two procedures to allow such variances:

1.    Development Variance Permit (DVP)
A major variance, or one which is not the result of hardship, must be submitted to Council for consideration through the Development Variance Permit (DVP) process. 
Note:  A DVP cannot vary the use or density of land from that specified in a zoning by-law or floodplain specification.

2.    Board of Variance
A minor variance that is considered to be the rsult of hardship is normally the responsibility of of the Board of Variance.  The Board is aa quasi-judicial body independent of Council that meets when an application has been received.
Note:  There are limitations on orders that a Board of Variance can authorize.  Please contact Village staff to discuss the particulars of your situation.

Here is a link to the application form you need to complete to have your request considered by the Board of Variance:  BOV Application

Would you like more information before you fill out your application?  You can follow this link for a guide to the BOV Application:  BOV Application Guide